Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Ron Paul Will Never Win

Because Ron Paul would never do this:

And Jay-Z returns the favor at the Obama Staff Ball (99 Problems But a Bush Ain't One):


GammaBoy said...

Style over substance. Celebrity over policy. If that's the formula for electoral success going forward, then your headline is undoubtedly correct. But if history is any guide, adversity makes a populace much more attentive. Charm and polish may count for far less in 2012.

Aztec Tomb said...

I forgot the other thing - Ron Paul is bat-shit crazy. As soon as I finish re-reading The Road to Serfdom, his light little tome will be next.

If you want to talk about a candidate that's all talk and no substance, Ron Paul is your guy.

GammaBoy said...

Okay, hold the phone. How precisely is Ron Paul "bat-shit crazy"?

I am heartened to hear you are reading the The Road to Serfdom, though. Good book. I am currently awaiting delivery of my own light-hearted tome, Man, Economy and State

Aztec Tomb said...

I said I am re-reading it. Already read it about five years ago. I was pretty certain that Hayek would be behind some type of government intervention in the financial crisis, and now I am certain of it.

Paul has pretty wacky ideas about the duskier races, which tends to affect the way I see his other views. Everyone around here knows he's a freak. Let the nation get a good look at him and they'll figure it out too.

GammaBoy said...

Allegations about Paul and racism are utter nonsense and were refuted time and time again.

Now some people consider it racist to cut government programs that are targeted at minorities. By that ridiculous definition, he is racist. But by that definition his is just plain anti-American as he wants to cut government programs to everybody, regardless of sex, race, or creed.

Yo Gabba Gabba said...

Of course style is a part of the formula for electoral success. How in the world does Kerry lose otherwise?

And there are some valid reasons for that; you need a leader that can inspire and sell his ideas.

RP is not crazy; he is too much of a one note banjo for my tastes, but his one note (economy) is pretty damn important right now. But RP lacks charisma and a party to support his ideas. You can't just blame the ignorant masses for that; at least you can't do that and still want a US form of gov't.

GammaBoy said...

Lack of charisma acknowledged. The Ron Paul arm of the party might gain power, but RP will never be elected president. But combining someone with charisma with his ideas and you could have a formidable candidate. Goldwater to Reagan is a good analogy.