Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Facebook and other Existential Questions

I must begin by apologizing for my neglect of KP. All kinds of things going on, including buying a car, a house and lots of comings and goings at my day job. I wanted to get us up to speed with a couple of issues being widely commented upon by the MSM, several on several of which I have a different perspective or need the Occam's Razors of this forum to clarify my thoughts.

1) Swine/Mexican Flu

About 10,000 people apparently die from the flu in Mexico in a normal flu season, I haven't seen a number for the US. Sounds like a lot, but it's less than 0.01% of the population there. Normally the unfortunate victims are the elderly or the very young (even more tragic) but my point here is that we are definitely not talking crazy numbers on this swine flu thing yet, and likely won't be. The measures taken by the Mexican government are nothing short of amazing. They identified this strain with very, very few deaths and have made extraordinary economic sacrifices to contain the contagion. They should be given a medal, not subject to the rantings of the jackass, Jay Severin, in Boston (shocking, really, to find racism there) on the radio. I'd leave that schmuck in his underdrawers, with $100-bills taped to his body and a kilo of heroin shoved up his rump (and info to that effect posted on, in the worst neighborhood in Tijuana and see if he could get home to Boston intact. He want "criminaliens", we got "criminaliens". F-ing lowlife.

I also wanted the - ahem - less liberal members of KP to comment on Hong Kong's approach to quarantine. WWRPD?

2) Chrysler's bankruptcy

Very, very interested in everyone's take on the structured bankruptcy of the Littlest of the Big Three. Fiat? Giggles ensue, but nonetheless it seems to me that this is likely the best solution for essentially everyone, with the glaring exception of the bondholders. From my years in Argentina I am pretty immune to feeling bad for bondholders. What are we talking about anyway? It's not like it's a loan, or something. It's an investment that went south, right? Tee, hee, tee, hee.

3) The Mainstream Media - aka Ourselves

How much do we like to scare the shit out of ourselves? Generally, a fair amount, no? Discuss.

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