Monday, December 15, 2008

Dream Come True

Instead of bemoaning the horrendous state of pretty much everything, take a quick second to read this article and tell me all of you haven't had a fantasy that went something like this. Maybe not hockey, but are at the Phils games with a couple of buddies. Game tied and goes to the bottom of the 22nd. No pitchers left so they bring J. Werth in from right field. This begs the question, "Who do we put in right?" Charlie Manuel sees you in the crowd, with your official jersey, your own name and a number not on the roster currently. Oh, and you brought your glove. "Hey Native, get down here. You're going in in Right." Oh, man. Best part is you drop a routine fly ball, the Marlins win, and you get to shower with the team. Towels snapping everywhere. Perhaps an unfortunate accident involving the soap. You'd make SportsCenter for sure.


GammaBoy said...

I'm confused. Is your fantasy playing in the game or cavorting in the shower?

Restless Native said...

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too?

Just went homo-erotic to get a "rise" out of people. Pardon the pun.