Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Ray of REAL Hope in Dark Times

GB, this one's for you. 

via Wonkette by Ken Layne on 2/10/09

Why is Dr. Paul beating up this colored fellow?Ho ho ho, street thug Barack Obama is gonna kick whitey's ass clear back to Texas! Wait, what is this horrible thing? Oh, a fanzine for, uh, Ron Paul, the brief and inexplicable Internet fad of late 2007. (At least LOLcats were kind of funny!) Well listen up socialists, the elderly Texan congressman and very loosely aligned Republican is still alive and still has a few fans. They got together and made this "DIY" magazine. One of them drew this picture. For a donation of $500, you can hang a copy of this very drawing on your dorm wall or whatever. Chicks love this shit! Youth!

And now, the giant terrifying version:
Why is Dr. Paul beating up this colored fellow?
[Young Americans for Liberty]


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GammaBoy said...

Ah, Wonkette. Snarky to the end. Riot police could be in the street as the city burns, and she would still be there snickering and rolling her virtual eyes at us poor Paultards.

That said, it was a funny post, although RP looks a bit Hispanic for my reactionary tastes.