Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The silly racism accusations begin

I wondered in an earlier post (or perhaps an email) if one of the chilling side-effects of the first black presidency would be the use of the cry of "racism" to deflect political attacks on Obama. We have our first example, although frankly it is so dumb that I can hardly believe anyone, even a spread-legged media whore like Al Sharpton, would bother.

Incidentally, the cover of the NY Post was plastered with the story on the chimp, so the idea that the cartoon refers to Obama is absurd.

Nonethess, expect to see more of this from the Obama's allies on the hard left. You come at Obama, you better be a minority (The Republicans are not total idiots).

The irony is that it was perfectly acceptable to say anything about Bush, no matter how disrespectful, obscene, or ridiculous. Nothing wrong with that. We the People earn the right to trash a guy when we give him the office. Or we did. I think we are going to find that right has been severely curtailed in an Obama presidency. People are going to think twice before ridiculing Obama. No one wants to be called a racist.


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Lt. Weinberg said...

You have to admit, though, that cartoon just makes no sense. The attempt at combining the freak monkey attack/shooting with the economic stimulus bill is not funny and nonsensical. I can see how the monkey could be construed as Obama (the author of the stimulus package) which if construed that way would obviously be racist. Quite a stupid cartoon anyway you look at it...