Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rick Santelli for President

I watch CNBC most days and am a fan of Joe Kernen (listen for the Caddyshack reference in his Thanksgiving broadcast here) and Rick Santelli.

It's always been fun to listen to Rick's morning rants, but I fell in love with guy back in the fall, when in response to some of the early TARP ideas, he suggested we just put a hammer and sickle on the flag.

We he almost matched that performance today. If you read Drudge Report, you've already seen the clip as it is ighlighted, but it is really refreshing to hear someone, somewhere speak the obvious truth on a mainstream network.

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Restless Native said...

1) Rick Santelli is Italian, ergo, not President material.

2) His assertion that the traders in the pit there in Chicago represent a good statistical sample of the US is absurd.

3) I am pretty fired up about subsidizing my neighbors poor decisions as well, especially those who speculated in the SoFla housing market and got caught with their pants down on five-plus houses at once. I am also REALLY fired up at all the "smart guys" in finance who felated the canine and brought the economy crashing down receiving huge bonuses days before their moribund operation was acquired by a somewhat less moribund operation.

5) As far as I am concerned don't do anything to help anyone. Every man for himself. Just don't come back and complain when the entire thing falls apart and you have looting in Greenwich, CT.

6) At the end of the day, unfortunately, bad behavior is going to be rewarded this time around if we want to keep the country from unravelling further. Regulation, incentive/disincentive setting and oversight will be the only way to minimize or avoid this in the future, but the horse is out of the barn. Do nothing and the jig is up.