Monday, March 16, 2009

Conservatism and minorities

Shelby Steele has a very well-written and thoughtful column in today's WSJ about conservatism and minorities. More than thoughtful, actually. Landmark. It really is a must-read. I have been trying to decide which paragraph to quote, but there are at least a half-dozen worth repeating. Please, please, read the column.

I have some thoughts, but I am curious to see everyone else's reactions first.

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Restless Native said...

I got to sentence #4. "Yet there is now the feeling that without an appeal to minorities, conservatism is at risk of marginalization. The recent election revealed a Republican Party -- largely white, male and Southern -- seemingly on its way to becoming a "regional" party."

Are you fucking kidding me? I won't, as a matter of principle, read the rest.

"You", and I am never sure who you people are, shifty "soap in the bathtub whities", are f-ing nutters.

You're surprised by this turn of events????

Thank you for reminding me that people in fly-over country should be disenfranchised post-haste. Muppets.