Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Gold

Dear Gold,

We have had a wonderful run together, and I still take heart in the bits of you I keep safely stashed away in case of a very, very rainy day, but to be honest, I've lost that loving feeling.

It's not you. It's me. Or more precisely, it's all the articles like this I have been reading lately. I liked you when you were the uncool outsider, but over the last couple months you have been on everybody's lips, and it's made me very uncomfortable.

I will always keep mementos of our time together hidden away in a dark corner of the closet, but I won't invest any more of my time (or money) with you. It's certainly possible that in a couple of years I will deeply regret ending things like this, but as long as everyone else loves you, I can't.

And yes, since you asked, I have started flirting with both oil and natural gas. I feel the beginnings of a beautiful relationship with both.


Restless Native said...

If the muppets who read Newsweek are getting into gold, I think you are very wise, young Gams, to de-emphasize it in your portfolio. You may have a nice little run-up in which to dispose of your current hoard, too.

GammaBoy said...


Perhaps I was too hasty.