Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kindle 2

I got the new Kindle 2 for my birthday (thank you Restless Resident Alien). It's pretty f-ing outstanding. I am getting the NY Times (I know, liberal rag) and I am totally happy paying $0.50 a day for otherwise free content based on the delivery vehicle. I have also bought more books in a week than I would normally in a month. These fellas over at Amazon are no dummies. They are going to provide content on Apple's handheld platforms and some are shocked, but I will guarantee they are dead on giving the first bump for free, or almost free. Works in schoolyards.

If you have the means, I would not hesitate to get one. For those of you who live in proper cities with public transportation, it is a must-have. The text-to-speech jobby doesn't sound totally Steven Hawking, but is a whistle/bell I could do without, given I am sighted. The experience very definitely makes you forget you don't have a real book in your hands.


Jeff Bezos, I'll take a modest 10% on all residuals sold through this medium. I am pretty influential. You're welcome.

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GammaBoy said...

I keep expecting to see tons of Kindles on the train and subways here, but I have seen only one so far. Nonetheless, I will admit that I lust for one.