Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ron Paul Dominates Level Playing Field

Hoping to make him look ridiculous, the liberal MSM is constantly setting traps for Ron Paul. But as this clip shows, when you give Rep. Paul a level playing field and let him debate his intellectual peers, he can really shine.


Yo Gabba Gabba said...

Ouch, Aztec.

I love RP b/c he tells it like he believes it is, and doesn't pussyfoot around. Therefore, it is scary when he says he's never heard of anyone driving under the influence of marijuana or getting in a wreck from such. I understand he doesn't watch the NBA, but doesn't he read the memos his staff prepares before voting on these things.

For the record, I think RP's position on pot is 100% correct, and I do wish everyone else had his balls.

Also, when did Baldwin become coherent?

GammaBoy said...
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GammaBoy said...

Aztec, with your snarky preface, I was prepared for a horror show, but I actually thought that was pretty good. Unfortunately, RP is not a particularly compelling TV presence - he tends to come off as a batty old man - but any thinking person ought to be able to separate his ideas from his lack of telegenics. And as far as that goes, I am pretty much in complete agreement with his drug policy.

Even that part about driving under marijuana wasn't completely off ( Unlike alcohol where people feel invincible, while stoned, people know they are out of it and tend to be very cautious (otherwise known as paranoid). Not condoning driving while baked, but I am guessing stoners are generally much safer drivers than drunks.

The worst thing about RP from a TV perspective is that he is completely out of touch with anything remotely pop culture. When Baldwin mentioned the stoner movies, RP clearly had no idea what he was talking about. Ditto with the Phelps photo. I've seen other interviews where he glazes over just like that. Frankly, I like that about him, but it makes him a tough sell for hip Obamaniacs.