Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Remember the heady days with Sarah Palin gave the GOP its own dose of much needed energy and hope?  As it turns out, Palin was a gift to the Dems that keeps on giving.  How many meth dealers, cat burglars, and bundling teens can one extended family have?


GammaBoy said...

Do you seriously get off on this kind of shit, Aztec? Our political differences aside, you are a thoughtful guy, yet even as the economy is teetering on complete and likely violent collapse, you are celebrating nonsense like this. Please remind me of the importance of this kind of story when policemen are striking over non-existent pensions and full-scale tax revolts begin.

Aztec Tomb said...

Okay, let's get some perspective.

Credit default swap prices on US Government debt indicate that the markets are handicapping the likelihood of a Federal Government default at around 6%. That's a multiple of historical trends and would, my friends, be the very definition of violent collapse.

But compare the odds of that scenario with the following: Had GG gotten her wish and McCain been elected president, there would have been a 15% chance that Palin would have been President by the end of the term. Therefore, had GG gotten her election day wish, a Palin presidency would have been over twice as likely as the violent collapse over which GG now frets.

Now, to bring it home. Palin placed third in the recent CPAC presidential nominee straw poll. Who cares you say? Well, please take into consideration the fact that McCain placed a whopping fifth in the same straw poll in 2007. This means Palin is still politically relevant and could be in the running for 2012.

So the importance of the story is as follows: 1) the Tomb is always right, 2) you were an idiot to support this person for VP, 3) in no way should any of you ever consider a ticket that includes the fair Governor from the State of Alaska, and 4) KP will continue to get posts like this until all former Palin supporters within KNET provide their solemn vow not to support her presidential or vice presidential candidacy in 2012. Until then, bite me.

Now, it's nice to see that GG is concerned about civil servants' pensions because she doesn't give a shit about the pensions of union members. And I really hope all of the traders really do take to the streets in full scale tax revolt. Surely the general public will understand the OUTRAGE of having to pay an additional 4% of income tax on ever single dollar earned above $375,000. How will Obama sleep at night knowing that poor hedge fund managers will be forced to liquidate their Hampton beach houses because soon they will be taxed not at the capital gains rate, but at normal income tax rates? Yes, please let them REVOLT at the mere thought of being treated just like everyone else.