Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama's Bitch

Mark Stanford is Obama's bitch.  He took the money even though he still doesn't have his state legislature's promise to use state funds for debt relief. 


GammaBoy said...

I'm not sure what exactly you are celebrating, Aztec. All this proves is that states have lost virtually all autonomy since they are beholden to the federal government for so many types of funds.

It also reminds me of criticism RP took for putting earmarks in federal legislation, although he claimed to be against earmarks on principle. His response seemed pretty sound to me - I am against earmarks, but as long as the federal government insists on taking taxpayer dollars and distributing them for silly projects, I have a responsibility to insure that my constituents get back their share of contributions.

Sanford seemed to strike a similar chord. If the Feds are spend willy-nilly and SC taxpayers are on the hook for their share, he needs to take the money even if the whole sordid process sickens him,

So congrats on labeling Sanford "Obama's bitch". You should be proud. Reminiscent of great political moments like Czechoslovakia becoming "Hitler's bitch" and Ukraine becoming "Stalin's bitch".

Aztec Tomb said...

Nice comparison of Obama to Hitler AND Stalin. Man, GG you win that round. Who can counter that argument?

RP deserves that criticism and so does Stanford. Despite the articulation of high minded economic principles in the pages of the WSJ and despite his drawing a line in the sand with the SC legislature, he sold out his principles, his economics, and SC's unemployed, all at the same time.

You see, the great state of SC has the second highest rate of unemployment in the US; however, the only portion of the stimulus funds that Standford reject were, you guessed it, funds for the extension of unemployment benefits.

But get this: not only is SC tied for 5th for the highest percentage of taxpayers applying for the EITC, but SC also receives an average of $1.35 in federal spending for every dollar in federal income tax its citizens pay. So SC taxpayers were never going to to be on the hook for their share; rather, they were looking at a 35% return on investment.

In summary, Stanford is a craven blowhard who sold out, but sold out in such a way that not only deprived SC citizens of federal dollars that they would never have to pay back, but he also sold out in such a way that is calculated at both screwing his most needy constituents and and mitigating the actual stimulative effects of the stimulus.

So there you have it: craven, dumb, and heartless. No wonder people are talking about Standford as a GOP nominee in 2012.