Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wingnuts Angry That Obama Didn’t Suck Off Saudi King, Like Bush Always Did

This is why I wish Hoss would post more often.  Responding take no research (except the ocassional Snopes check) and let's me feel less guilty about reusing Wonkette posts wholesale.  It also obviates the need to cut and paste portions of the Freeper message boards. 

Keep posting Hoss.  Don't let the crypto-objectivist/libertarians dominate the right wing discussion on KP. 

BTW, can some of the KP vets post on the Gates Budget?  Voodoo, I'm looking at you.

via Wonkette by Ken Layne on 4/8/09

Faggots.Oh noes the wingnuts are very, very upset! Why? This street negro, Barack Obama, allegedly kowtowed to the Saudi King while meeting said Saudi King at the G-20. (The White House says, "Uhh, Obama is a lot taller than that old dwarf, so he bent down to look at him.") It is shameful for an American president to politely bow one's head while being presented to a Saudi Prince/King. You are supposed to smooch him up and hold his hand and walk him around your ranch and then give him a loving blowjob, like George W. Bush Junior always did! Let's remember the good times, together.

We'll have a gay old time!See, black people nod politely to the Royal Head of State Monarch, while white people romantically caress the fat old dude's hand — foreplay, it is called — and then robustly lick his ass for a few hours.

And then you just get in close with that Grecian-formula goatee and jam that tongue in there, old school:
Just For Men.
Thanks, Wingnuts! Without you people, American might've forgotten the proper way for an American president to deal with the Arab Monach: just cold suck on his peter.


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