Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pavlovian Aztec

Ah, Aztec. Thanks for proving yourself to be as predictable as always. I knew we'd get that link out of you; arch-typical, straight out of the playbook, knee jerk leftist crap.

1. My link was a response to your pathetic Sarah Palin attack link, which was in poor taste, required zero research, and less relevant than BO's bow/denial. The fact that you responded to GB's callout with such venom says a lot.

2. I always hated the fact the the Bushes and their clan are so tight with the Saudis. Unlike you, I am not a hyperpartisan automaton, incapable of criticism of those toward my side of the political spectrum. My post wasn't about Bush. It was about Obama and his administration's denial of the obvious. He should be honest with the people rather than following the Clintonian playbook. Of course, I never would expect you to admit that a simple admission of a misstep would have been a better response from BO.

3. I love how I can poke you in your leftist cage and you come out smearing anything on the right. The condescending tone is a nice touch, too. Especially when you don't even address the issue. I'm surprised you haven't tried to get a job on one of BO's hit squads.


GammaBoy said...

I really shouldn't pour fuel on this fire, since KP will fall apart if it devolves to ultrapartisan rants, but I'm going to be self-indulgent...

Hoss, that was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm out of touch, but what was Obama's "error." He shouldn't have bowed? Has it really come to that? JC on a popsicle stick, I laughed when Bush kissed the Saudi king, but I didn't really care, and I disliked Bush...its a sign of respect and/or friendship from a needed ally (who may or may not be a great ally depending upon your view, but is a much needed one).

The bow/kiss is diplomacy 101; should he have punched him in the face to show we are tough and can't be pushed around?

Oh yeah, and don't forget, we are the Saudi's bitch, and with their oil, they could have probably have gotten a BJ from Cheney, so from a reality standpoint, its certainly not an error to these guys as equals. Is that what galls us; what if he bowed to the Kenyan leader, would we really care?

I so don't get this that I think I missed something...(I've been a bit tied up with kids' illnesses), but someone post to let me know what the 'error' is....