Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not so outrageous any more

Well, the least likely of my outrageous predictions has shown some legs.   To recap...

Secession discussions begin
Of all the unlikely happenings suggested above, this is by far the least likely, but it will eventually happen, just maybe not in 2009. As it becomes increasingly apparent that the federal government cannot meet its obligations, or conversely, as the tax load required to meet those obligations explodes, there will start to be discussions in states about secession. At first, it will be quackery, but as the situation worsens, it will gain traction with people. It is unlikely to actually happen, but the thought alone that people might start to take the idea seriously is by itself remarkable. The most likely candidate, of course, the Republic of Texas.

You scoffed and rightly so.  But read this.   Very surprising, especially from a governor.

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