Monday, November 3, 2008

$300 white tee? I'll buy it off you for $100 next year.

Sorry I seem to have misplaced my photos of Megan Fox from the Halloween parties this weekend. What can I offer?

Gavin Rossdale with son Kingston at the pumpkin patch in West Hollywood. Admittedly gay (my photos that is).
What do we know about this greaser? Well, he's tall, good-looking, famous rock star, boffing Gwen Stefani. Hmmm....could his life get any better?

Oh snap! Seems that the housing crunch hasn't just screwed Aunt Jemima and her reverse mortgage, 0% down, Pick-a-Payment row house in Inglewood.
Check this out...these two nimrods plunk down $13.5 mil in 2006 for a 9000 sq. ft. home in BH. Here's a picture of the palace back before they bought it. Remind you of a cheesy persian home? No wonder- Sam Nazarian owned it. More on him and the Nazarian syndicate at a later date. That works out to about $1500/sq ft. Check that- WORKED OUT to about 1500/sq ft. Now it's down here in Ed McMahon territory at around $6 million.
Do I sound jealous? No, even back when Gwen and I were dating in high school, I knew she wasn't the one. She always smelled like Calamine.

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GammaBoy said...

Who the hell is Gavin Rossdale?