Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cautious Optimism

I was shocked that Waxman's power play worked, and I feel about it somewhat the same way I feel about Obama winning (minus the history, eloquence, and warm fuzzies associated with Obama). On paper, this should be a good thing; there is no question we needed change, and the last thing we need is someone cozy with Detroit running the House Energy Commission. Still, is Waxman a bit too far left? He is pals with Pelosi, which doesn't give me comfort. Those who know YGG know that I am partial to Green, so if we are going to veer left, I prefer it in this arena. However, I think there is a tremendous opportunity to productively couple the green agenda with good old American capitalism, and I'm not sure Mr. Waxman and Ms. Pelosi are the best fit for that.

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