Monday, November 3, 2008

Gamma Boy Coffee Break 3

The WSJ's final thoughts on Obama, which sort of mirror my own ambivalence on his candidacy.


Yo Gabba Gabba said...

Decent article but a ridiculous statement that MSM was more interested in Palin's church and Joe the Plumber than ACORN, Ayers, etc. I hear much more about the latter than Palin's church. Believe me, having been married by an AofG grandfather in law, I know there was plenty of ammunition the liberal MSM kept holstered on this front. And Joe the Plumber was a fascinating story made huge by th GOP's publicity machine....Look, the MSM is liberal, I'll grant, but they are not retarded and negligent in their duties. That is why the numbers in your earlier post are skewed; McCain's pick of Palin was worth 20% more negative coverage than Biden, no question. Only hardcore GOPers are still defending her whereas most are going the way I noted in my earlier posts...that is, to Obama. We're not necessarily going reluctantly, but we are going because McCain's choice of Palin made it simple to do so.

eye candy said...

but I would agree that I share some of the ambivalence from that editorial. Who really knows what the next 4 will bring? I agree with gabba gabba, let's not blame the MSM. But rather and ineffective campaign that focused on rather insignificant historical details about the other candidate and a VP pick that was absolutely horrendous on many levels.
IBD editorial does raise questions about all the "historical details" about Obama, and when the patchwork is put together as they did, it is a bit alarming. Socialist or not, the alternative of McCain- Palin is even less palatable.

Aztec Tomb said...

You have to love an article that both accuses a person of "ruthless pragmatism" in one breath and then states that there is "little history" of pragmatism in another.

But wrt to the IBD article, you can judge the reliability of the critique by how it characterizes Obama's health insurance plan: socialized health care. That is a blatant misrepresentation. Let that filter the other portions for you.