Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GammaBoy Coffee Break

Another vignette from the WSJ. This one concerns myths about the Great Depression. I am a fan of this column, as I keep hearing these myths repeated by the MSM. While the myths do fit the prevailing politics of our educational institutions, they are, in fact, just myths.

On this topic, this book is awesome. A fantastic read.


Yo Gabba Gabba said...

I enjoy reading counterfactual history books, but they are clearly posed as such. Eminent historians pose and then answer questions such as, "What if Napoleon hadn't invaded Russia?" These are fun exercises, but no one swears they are gospel. This article annoys me because the author clearly has a firm belief in certain economic principles and then says, counterfactually, that it is clear these principles rigorously followed would have avoided the Great Depression, but instead Hoover and FDR screwed us. I don't know enough to say he's wrong on each point, but some jumps were so conclusory, they seemed patently bogus. I'm especially leery when this guy is the sole genius who is able to cut through the entire MSM conspiracy first perpetrated by the 1930's intelligentsia.

GammaBoy said...

I think the point is that many of the conclusions from analysts of the GD that are presented as "facts" are no such thing.