Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holy Balls

Phils last week and Obama this week. I am on a roll. I bought a lottery ticket. $40M before NPV and taxes. I'll have to split it three ways, but still...$3.5M or so would sure help with the credit cards.

Honestly, did anyone really think that Obama was going to beat down McCain as badly as he did? Indiana, for crissake.

I thought McCain did a pretty good job with the concession speach, and was actually starting to feel a little sorry for him. Until he brought up Palin. She's really hot, by the way, but I believe was (and rightfully so) his ultimate downfall.

When the Alaskan Independence Party fields a candidate for President in 2012 I think she will make a terrific choice. We really need to form a legitimate third party of sensible people. We should call it the Sensible Party. Either that or the Bachelor Party. That would be fun. If she somehow takes a leadership role in the Republican Party going forward I think they're dead for reals. Imagine Dennis Kucinich as the standard bearer for the Dems. Equally fringe, but not nearly as fetching. Although his wife is pretty solid. Red-headed English broad. Great skin. Tall. Nice.

By the by, a black guy is going to be president. Holy Balls. I am pretty damn proud of my country. And not for the first time, if anyone wants to go down that road, but for the first time in a while. Go Barry. Bring in the heavy hitters and govern from the middle. Get the very best advice you can, even if it is bitter medicine that is called for, and the lead us. You can do it.

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Al Powell said...

GammaBoy and I talked about it this afternoon. The Sensible Party is an idea whose time has come. Will start to lay out a platform in a future post.