Thursday, October 30, 2008

Already drank your coffee

This morning.  At your mom's house.  The only stuff I won't read is Mother Jones and The Nation.  I even have a correspondence with the Managing Editor of The National Review and The VP of News at Fox.  Don't assume I don't read this stuff because I read it daily for reality checks, analysis, and the sense of moral superiority it usually confers.

And if you don't use Google Reader, start.  I subscribe to the Corner feed, which tips me off to all of the most important conservative articles of the day.  It also keeps me wired into the latest attacks on Obama, which is why I am generally dismissive of Hoss' and Gamma Boys criticisms.  I know all the attacks, and some of them, frankly may stick.  You guys just haven't hit on them yet.


GammaBoy said...

I am going to try Google Reader. But if you could pick out one must-read liberal-minded article for a silly, old conservative like myself, I would appreciate it. I might not be able to enjoy moral superiority, but the feeling of intellectual superiority should be a salve.

Al Powell said...

What's the link to the Corner Feed and I'll put it on the right?

Al Powell said...

Nevermind. Found it. And, yes, Google Reader rules.