Monday, October 27, 2008

New Party - hardly BS

The New Party allegations can only be completely glossed over if you are looking at Obama through Rose colored glasses. At the very least, Gammaboy's article show Obama's willingness to associate with yet another questionable group in the hopes of gaining something. Anyone who has no socialist views/ambitions would have stayed far clear of a New Party photoshoot. Obama will pander to anyone to advance his political career... until it is no longer politically advantageous. See Reverend Wright - hang out at his church when it serves a purpose, then drop him like a bad habit when he makes you look bad. Obama was "all about" ACORN, until ACORN was shown to be a completely corrupt, fraudulent organization. Then he minimizes his association. Nice.


GammaBoy said...

I am with Hoss on this one.

Now we are finally starting to hear some of Obama's real historical views.

This is Obama in Obama's own words. If you believe that the government should be taking the role he suggests, then by all means, support him. I don't.

Yo Gabba Gabba said...

Since you won't respond via e-mail or to my prior post, will you please address somewhere how "Palin didn't phase you that much," so you're fine with McCain. We're usually birds of a feather, but Palin pushed me way over. First, even on the 2% chance she becomes president, I'd have to go with Obama - she is potentially that bad. Second, even if I continued to believe McCain was still pre-2007 McCain at heart, these kind of campaign tactics are irreversible and have put him in an untenable position. Picking Palin was the least Maverick thing he ever did...