Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba Calls Out Gamma Boy

I optimistically view Obama as Clinton with values. I hope he'll tack to the middle on the economy and remain pragmatic. I think he is too smart to do anything else. Literally... he is a very smart person who listens to smart people, and I believe he recognizes the wisest choice. I think this will cause him to follow the proper path and not the expedient path.

Very good article from Lexington; it epitomizes my thoughts and concerns. Notably, the article repeats the Palin problem as the point where most conservatives jumped ship to Obama. This is me, and I have now asked you in two posts and one e-mail to explain how "Palin" didn't phase you much. You sound like Palin responding to the difficult Couric question of what she reads; just explain yourself and be done with it. With all my respect of O-man, I was still with McCain until he picked Palin; that is when I realized he was placing himself in an untenable position from which to govern. (And God forbid he die....)

Your second article complains about rash decisionmaking being bad for the economy. You contend McCain the campaigner is different than McCain the governor, but where there is smoke, there is fire. McCain's campaign has been anything but steady whereas Obama has been pretty damn cool. Counterarguments that Obama has benefitted from the lead and a free pass from MSM are unacceptable; how the hell did this guy get in that position but by always saying the right thing and taking the high road? I'm not a big Quindlen fan, but she makes valid points on this issue at http://www.newsweek.com/id/164491.

I do appreciate McCain's decency to ignore his advisers and not play the Rev. Wright race card (although the decision may also relate to some of McCain's crazy religious backers too), but I think that relationship provides an interesting prism from which to view Obama. Obama was certainly closer to Rev. Wright than the New Party or Ayres; does anyone honestly believe Obama subscribes to some of the craziness Wright preached? Or are you like me and believe that, Obama listened to that fiery rhetoric craziness, listened to his conservative Harvard buddies' views on race, and filtered the nuggets of truth from both into a brilliant, seminal speech. Is there any reason he can't do the same with respect to economics? Now, I'm not saying he is Solomon revisited; I'm just saying I now see that more in him than I see it in McCain, especially post-Palin. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Obama takes over and creates a socialistic state that enslaves white people, but I get a different vibe...

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