Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Blog for a New Era

You can feel it. It's subtle yet unmistakable. The world is shifting below our feet. There is no precedent for what is to come next.

You can see it in the markets. In the election. In the kids you drop off at day care or see at the mall or hire for entry-level jobs. In the absurdly small handheld device with access to all the world's knowledge. In the Tampa Bay Rays. In the spread option offense. In hybrid cars. In transgenic foodstuffs.

This blog is dedicated to making some sense of the world. To the old dorm room discussions that taught us to open our minds. To finding the truth. To solving problems. To having fun. To finding fault in ourselves and, especially, others. To promoting our own agendas. To admitting when we are wrong. To pointing out the trivial, and the aggressively not-so-trivial. To having a take and not sucking. To living the good life. To defining what the hell that even means.

Alrighty then...

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