Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ashely Todd: Cheapest Halloween Costume Ever

Priceless reacts to the Ashley Todd hoax from the always reliable Free Republic comments board:

  • ACORN WORKER NO DOUBT,trying to make headlines for Obama to have a talking point.
  • Did I hear correctly that was (is) a Ron Paul supporter?
  • "The amount of suckers for this story on FR was scary."
  • Indeed, we had folks who were convinced that the rioting had started. Sad.
  • My guess is she saw how "Joe the Plumber" was doing well with his new found fame and this was her way to do the same, clearly though, she is a democrat and used thier hand book whereas Joe is your typical hard working American.
  • This B!tch may have just sank the McCain campaign. Lock her up!!!
  • Drudge is the one who should have known better- he dragged us into this with his blood red headline about the "mutiliation" of a "20 year old woman." Of course that will get our outrage going …. now it will be harder for us to run Rev. Wright ads because everyone will scream "oh look, the nasty Republicans are appealing to racism again." Thanks for nothing, Drudge.
  • She just flushed McCain's campaign down the toilet.
  • It's really simple - find out if she ever worked for when she worked for Ron Paul. Bingo, then she's THEIR nut, not ours! We have enough of our own without having to borrow from others…
  • IMO, for the sake of the good reputation of FR, we should act prudently. Our knee jerk hysteria likens us to the mob-mentality of the out-of-control liberals.
  • Exactly something an idiotic liberal coward would do. bet if you look close enough she's an obama supporter.
  • Check her voting record … see if she is a Democrat who signed onto the McCain campaign just to pull this stunt off … these people will stop at nothing to get barry elected
  • If she's a fake, bet she's also an Obama plant. Perhaps her black (she said the perp was a black man) boyfriend, and fellow Obama supporter, actually acted as her attacker -even going soo far as to cut her up (sacrifice her "looks" to "The One") with a backwards "B" (the ebonics version?) for " 'Bama " or "Barack".
  • perhaps she'll encore by yelling "KILL HIM" at rallies across America. NICELY DONE, SLOB!
  • One thing is certain: muckraking homosexual Matt Drudge has Judased conservatives and Republicans yet again. Don't just erase his site from your bookmarks — friends don't let friends link to the damaging Drudge Report.

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