Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts in Response to Private Taxation Discussion

1. I don't necessarily like Obama's tax policy, but he is right on the majority of other issues which are ultimately more important than money. I'd pay a few thousand more to avoid another war and several thousand more to do something about the environment. Not saying the real McCain is wrong on these, but the 2008 McCain and Palin clearly are.

2. I'm fine with the rich paying more because they benefitted from the system. Sure, they don't use libraries, public schools, etc., but they use the workforce to get rich, and the workforce needs those things. They also need a relatively safe society, and in theory but not always in practice, welfare should assist in that. I think the part that disgusts most GOP'ers and part time GOPers like me is the massive gov't inefficiency. (I don't think churches are more efficient, and I could cite some examples and moral reasons why I think this is not a better idea.) Further, I recognize that by continuing to raise taxes, we reward inefficiency. It disgusts me that the only way we rein in government abuse is by cutting taxes, and I'm not sure O-man is going to be able to fix it. So, I guess we let O-man fix the other things, get us on the right track, then bring in a Reagan for some tough tax loving, and then get a Clinton middle roader who does both.

3. I hate the fact the GOP worked like hell to abolish the estate tax. That is the one tax that is american. It wasn't huge enough to cripple the blueblood, but instead of taking money from our paycheck, it took money from Mr. BlueBlood aristocrat's kids and made them go out and get a job (or more appropriately, forego a few extra vacations in Ibiza). Don't even mention small farmers to me, that was a ridiculous red herring. So recognizing that some taxes are necessary, I say some taxes are more American than others, such as those that support meritocracy. Also worth noting that most of the 500 richest people in America such as Bill Gates recognized abolishing the tax was just wrong. I think if you are a self earner/hard worker, you would rather your kid inherit those traits than money.

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