Monday, October 27, 2008

Redistribution By Any Other Name Is American

What is with all the fascination with the words "redistribution of wealth?" If you use those words, you're socialist, but if you say we need to tax those more well off to pay for services of those less fortunate, you pragmatically recognize the present state of society. C'mon, let it go. Analyze the nuts and bolts of Obama's tax plan- he spells much of it out. Does it tax more than I'd like? Yes. I'd love to be taxed at 0%. But I trust him more than most others to make the right decisions. He is not going to go commie-red socialist.

Maybe I am naive, but I don't care if he did fraternize with New Party socialists. We're not HUAC. By every description I've read, Obama's key strength is an ability-- actually a need -- to listen to every angle from the left to the right before reaching a decision. Bush was supposed have this same skill, and he boasted about it in 2000. It turned out he lacked this skill in spades. His sheer, ridiculous willingness to ignore all but one or two viewpoints condemned this country to some of the worst decisionmaking in history.

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