Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gamma Boy Coffee Break 1

First off, congrats to the Phils and Restless Native. Good on ya!

As for politics and economics, I am guessing that you are like me and tend to gravitate to sources of info that reflect your own leanings. I am more likely to read the WSJ than the NYT, for example, and not just because I am in finance. This kind of behavior does tend to risk a distorted view of the world, so I would like to suggest the idea of "coffee breaks" - the posting of one or two articles a day that people of the opposite political persuasion ought to read, even if it infuriates them to do so. I would love everyone to participate, but especially Aztec, since he's probably my polar opposite in lot of politics, and since I rarely spend time on Slate or, I probably miss some valuable discussion.

Anyway, here is my post for the day. It echoes a lot of the concerns I was trying to speak to about Obama, albeit in a much more articulate fashion.

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GammaBoy said...

The Economist endorses Obama. Good reasoning behind it. I was impressed that Obama called in Volker. Less inspired by Rubin and Summers.

If he wins, I hope the Economist and Yo Gabba are correct in believing he will govern from the center. I don't.