Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe should Go

Everybody loves Joe Paterno. No arguments there. Good man. Amazing career. Has done all kinds of great things for Penn State and State College. Unfortunately, he has allowed himself to become a complete farce. Today against Michigan he spent the entire game in the pressbox. Everytime the camera panned to his perch, he was sitting there with a headset, saying nothing, doing nothing. He didn’t even go down to the locker room for halftime. He doesn’t even go to practice or meetings anymore. He may retire with the alltime record for FBS wins as a head coach, but he is no longer coaching.

Division I coaching jobs, particularly at traditional powers like Penn State are few. There are many in the coaching ranks that have toiled for years waiting for their shot at a head job, but they have to sit while Joe’s dead weight blocks the way. Joe Paterno has always been the epitome of class. It’s time to live up to that legacy and step aside for a younger man. Stop embarrassing yourself, Joe.

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