Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Evidence that the MSM is in the Tank for Walnuts

If the MSM is so biased, why didn't we hear about these blunders 24/7?


GammaBoy said...


These are dumb. If you recorded my conversations all day long over 18 months, I would have hundred of mistakes like this. Perhaps Obama is less prone to gaffes, but again, he is a much better campaigner than McCain.

Aztec Tomb said...

Here's the point: These were gaffes within McCain's core area of competence. In prior election cycles, these would have been big news. Not this year.

If the MSM was truly biased against McCain, they would have tried to MAKE these missteps a big deal.

Yo Gabba Gabba said...

I agree they are dumb. But doesn't part of you think the MSM didn't hit these because of a sensitivity about ageism. Seriously, Obama makes those mistakes you do kind of wonder how or why since he is so eloquent, i.e., does he really not know. McCain says it and I personally wonder if he has slipped a bit. Especially if he thought Czechslovakia was still a country. MSM is liberal and PC, and I think they at least partly refrained for that reason. (That, and the mistakes are dumb as Gamma said.)