Wednesday, October 29, 2008's NFL Power Rankings: Completely Irresponsible

This is poppycock. The Cowboys jump from 15 to 8 after a hideous 13-9 win at home over Tampa Bay in which they rack up 192 yards of total offense. And the Cardinals, who beat the Cowboys a few weeks ago, drop from 8 to 13 after losing a tight game on the road to the new #3 team in the rankings, Carolina. And Denver moves up three spots from 18 to 15 after a bye week. Granted, these rankings are meaningless because the NFL has playoffs. Even so, is negligent by failing to uphold its journalistic standards and deserves censure from Football Nation. And the Redskins should be #3.

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GammaBoy said...

This is a global scandal of epic proportions. Prep the Molotovs, man the barricades, hide the women.

Seriously, you should be savoring your Redskins ranking above the Boys. Come January, you will look back on these rankings as the good ole days.