Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Party BS

Legitimate media outlets have given the New Party allegations just as much play as they deserve.  Just go back and look at the Chicago County registrars record and contemporaneous news accounts and it is clear that Obama was always a Democratic Party member and candidate.

There is absolutely zero evidence that Obama was ever sought New Party support, dollars, or endorsement.  Of course, these little details haven't stopped The National Review and Fox News from giving the stories play.  Just remember, these are the same media outlets that pounced on the "Obama is a closet Muslim" stories months ago, and look at how newsworthy (and factual) those stories ended up being.

So far GammaBoy is 0-2 on examples of Obama being untrustworthy.  Out of the many policy-related reasons you could find to not vote for the guy, it's just odd that you would fixate on such a poorly founded meme. 


GammaBoy said...

But what about the news article I linked? Unless that is a forgery, it seems like a lot more than "zero evidence".

GammaBoy said...

Also, feel free to link the evidence you discussed. I am not trying to "swift boat" Obama or whatever, but I would like to see some concrete evidence that he was not in league with some of these characters.

GammaBoy said...

Incidentally, I'm don't watch much Fox news, but I never heard a single "Obama is a closet Muslim" from any remotely MSM outlet. I'd be curious to see a link to one of those too.